As Founder and Chairman of International Finance Capital (IFC) headquartered in Hong Kong, his connections in China and throughout Asia have steadily grown to include leaders in the business and finance industries. He has been active in the global business community, the international finance industry as well as in the political arena. He has valuable experience and insights into these complex but overlapping areas of expertise and has outstanding skills as a negotiator and dealmaker.

As a result of the success of IFC, Mr. Rault has begun to diversify his business interests. He recently founded World Mining Investment Limited (WMI), a global mining investment company.


Project and corporate finance, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, cooperative partnering and public offerings, and restructuring and recapitalization. Venture capital and mining investment.

Current Positions:

Founder and Chairman, International Finance Capital (IFC)

International Finance Capital (IFC) is an investment company that specializes in the capital transactions that are essential in today’s rapidly evolving global business environment. It offers equity participation to successful, well-managed companies, and to those businesses in need of additional capital or restructuring to realize their full potential. IFC helps clients improve their equity position by becoming an investment partner or by finding the appropriate partner that fits the client’s long-term needs and objectives. IFC focuses on transactions in Asia, Europe and North America.

Founder and Chairman, World Mining Investment Ltd. (WMI)

World Mining Investment Limited (WMI) identifies and invests in top mining companies throughout the world. Mining requires significant capital investment for exploration, expansion, mining and processing of the world’s precious mineral resources. WMI provides this much needed capital to companies on a global basis and with a long-term approach to the investment. WMI focuses on mining companies that produce the world’s major mineral resources. These include gold, platinum, copper, diamonds, iron ore, aluminium, energy products, and industrial minerals. WMI looks for companies that have large, long-term, diverse assets with significant proven and probable reserves. The companies in which WMI invests are located in Australia, North America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Founder and Chairman, The Didier Rault Foundation

The Didier Rault Foundation is committed to supporting programs that combat disease and hunger, especially among children; supporting groups and organizations that promote education and economic development in poor communities in Asia and Africa; supporting programs and organizations that educate and promote awareness of environmental issues.

By supporting effective, high quality programs and organizations, the Foundation believes that transformative change can be effected in our communities. Through projects that include clean drinking water initiatives, feeding the hungry, building homes for low-income families and supporting micro-financing programs, the Foundation can help to bring new possibilities and opportunities to those in need around the world.